Sharing Our Success Stories

Meet Jonathan

“One doesn’t need much money to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Rather, one needs an entrepreneurial mindset.  For me, an entrepreneur is a person who sees opportunities in obstacles, and uses them to create an activity that benefits himself and the society.” 

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Meet Rosine

“The whole idea is really to inspire persons from all walks of life to see the hidden potential in entrepreneurship, and also to realize that it is always possible to begin from somewhere, with or without money.“

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Meet Ben

"Attending the seminar was like a revelation to me. If I had to sum up my experience, I would say, "Everyone can be an entrepreneur. You just have to identify your passion and link it with your core values."

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Meet Carmen

“The seminar was a transformative experience for me, for I believe in myself way more than before. I had no self-belief or self-confidence at all, especially as a girl..” 

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Meet Parfait

“Thanks to the brainstorming and business planning workshops we did, I was able to come up with a business idea that connects my passion with my dream"

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Meet Celine

Celine’s drive to make the cooperative self-sustaining and profitable led her to IDEA4Africa where she and the coop members could all learn the business skills they were lacking.

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Meet Justus

Like most top universities, Harvard chooses its freshmen without regard to their ability to pay tuition. But until this year, the Cambridge campus had only one Rwandan student.  No more. Of the 25 or so African applicants who made this year’s cut, three are from Rwanda, including a second Bridge2Rwanda scholar.

-From The New York Times article 

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