Before I did not think I could achieve much or even dream big. I believe in myself now way more
than before.  I dream much bigger now.

After the seminar, I was elected to take part in the school head committee. I did great, thanks to the lessons I learned, particularly the leadership qualities. I now know a good leader is not dependent on gender but on the person, their confidence and ability. The latter I honed while at the seminar, and it has greatly impacted my life. Not only did I become more confident and self-expressive, but I also performed better in class mainly because I was certain of my abilities to perform irrespective of the fact that I am a girl.

I inspired others at my school – especially girls – to believe in their potential and abilities to
succeed in life. I told them, “Always believe in yourself, never give up and know that nothing is impossible.” All in all, the seminar was the best life experience I have had so far. It opened my eyes, and impacted profoundly various aspects of my life.