From Ideas to Action Workbook

From Ideas to Action uses a unique approach to entrepreneurship education to create a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders -- students dedicated to putting their ideas into action.

From Ideas to Action is a workbook and road map for moving an idea to action and is
specifically designed for the young entrepreneur. This 200+ page book of engaging and reflective activities encourages students of any age to identify problems as opportunities and draw on their own skills, passions and resources to act now to create value. The activities of the book may be used to develop new venture plans or as an arsenal of stand-alone activities to encourage entrepreneurial thought.  The text is downloadable at

SPARK Doing Business Booklet

This booklet is made by Microjustice Rwanda (MJR) with technical assistance from Microjustice4All (MJ4All) and supported by SPARK. The booklet is based on the findings of a needs assessment that Microjustice Rwanda conducted in December 2014 into the needs of start-up entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the booklet is to offer start-up entrepreneurs and young businesses with the information about basic legal matters that need to be arranged when starting and running a business.