Institutions who complement our work:

We aim to amplify the work of our partners and contribute to the skill sets and experiences they are providing to youth through student and staff engagement opportunities.


Bridge2Rwanda, charged by Rwandan President Paul Kagame, to “burst the bottlenecks” that prevent Rwanda’s best students from earning scholarships to international universities.


School Entrepreneurship Network (SEN):

SEN is a Rwandan youth-led and youth-focused nonprofit organization working to encourage and support entrepreneurship and innovations of high school students in Rwanda through creating and sustaining entrepreneurship clubs in the secondary education system.


Kepler is a nonprofit university program based in Africa and designed for the developing world. Our students get the best of online learning paired with in-person seminars — all while students work toward a U.S.-accredited degree and a great job after graduation. Our goal is to create a global network of universities, beginning in Rwanda, that deliver the skills that emerging economies need for a price that all talented students can afford.


AKILAH Institute for Women:
The Akilah Institute is a college for women in East Africa offering a unique model of market-relevant education that enables young women to achieve economic independence and obtain leadership roles in the workplace and in society.


Open A Door
To equip and empower young women from post-conflict countries to become leaders who change their nations.


Code Club, The Trigger to Invention
A six-month program aimed at equipping students in high schools working with mentors in programming, design, leadership and business to create exceptional solutions. 


Ignite Rwanda: Linking Entrepreneurs to information
Ignite Rwanda is your platform to find information and stay updated about the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Rwanda.