Our impacts are measured by the mindset change we are creating and by the number of people who effect change in their communities as a result of the tools and skills we provide them. 

It’s not the number of businesses that have been started that determines the impacts we’re having. Nor is the indicator of impact the number of ventures that have been helped to become sustainable and successful.

It is the quality of the impact that ultimately creates changemakers and drives significant change.

Every teacher we work with has an unlimited number of students they will work with over time. And every student we work with models for their friends and family the leadership and idea generation skills that they have learned that enables them to see shortcomings in their communities as opportunities.

IDEA4Africa is growing the entrepreneurial culture in Rwanda and Uganda. As the population is exploding in these countries, there are a growing number of people who, for lack of available jobs, need to become job creators themselves. And for those who are seeking refuge in settlement camps throughout Uganda, their appetite for learning about ways to create sustainable ventures to support themselves, is boundless. There are never enough chairs to accommodate all those who want to participate in our workshops to obtain the tools and skills they need these days to create incomes for themselves and their families..