Inspiring Development through Entrepreneurship and Action.


Our Mission

To inspire and equip youth entrepreneurs to develop social and economic value for their communities and for the world.

Our Work in Rwanda


Our Work in Uganda



Sharing our Success Stories

Meet Jonathan

“One doesn’t need much money to start a business and become an entrepreneur. Rather, one needs an entrepreneurial mindset.  For me, an entrepreneur is a person who sees opportunities in obstacles, and uses them to create an activity that benefits himself and the society.” 

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Meet Rosine

“The whole idea is really to inspire persons from all walks of life to see the hidden potential in entrepreneurship, and also to realize that it is always possible to begin from somewhere, with or without money.“

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Meet Ben

"Attending the seminar was like a revelation to me. If I had to sum up my experience, I would say, "Everyone can be an entrepreneur. You just have to identify your passion and link it with your core values."

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Meet Carmen

“The seminar was a transformative experience for me, for I believe in myself way more than before. I had no self-belief or self-confidence at all, especially as a girl..” 

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Meet Parfait

“Thanks to the brainstorming and business planning workshops we did, I was able to come up with a business idea that connects my passion with my dream"

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Meet Celine

Celine’s drive to make the cooperative self-sustaining and profitable led her to IDEA4Africa where she and the coop members could all learn the business skills they were lacking.

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IDEA4Africa is a non-profit organization with the goal of increasing the economic growth wherever we work. We provide young entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills they need to put their ideas into action creating an entrepreneurial culture in their communities.








Education in Schools and Refugee Camps

Work with secondary schools and teachers to develop entrepreneurship curricula and activities.

IDEA4Africa works with educators, administrators, schools and students to develop programs and establish entrepreneurship clubs that encourage even more youths and educators to think entrepreneurially. We are creating networks of schools that are  supporting both educators and students. Additionally, our work has expanded into working in Refugee Camps in Uganda helping this displaced population to become wage earners.

Developing Youth Entrepreneurs

Provide ongoing training, encouragement, support and access to resources for aspiring young entrepreneurs.

IDEA4Africa identifies promising young Rwandan entrepreneurs and provides them with training and other support, including advice on accessing resources. In our first year in 2015, more than 20 young entrepreneurs directly benefited from this support. In 2016 we worked with many more young enterprises and cooperatives enabling them to sustain successful businesses.

Local and Global Awareness

Help to develop a more entrepreneurial culture by creating opportunities to highlight entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial achievement.

As national host for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), we have been able to showcase Rwanda’s entrepreneurial culture to a global audience. We will be doing the same in Uganda which is considered the most entrepreneurial country in the world! IDEA4Africa believes that highlighting entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial activity is key to creating the private and public support needed to advance entrepreneurship.

Government and Policy

Support local and national policy work through partnerships, training programs and policy discussions.

Our work with partners involved in the Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration has also enabled IDEA4Africa to develop year-round programming and to be at the table for important policy discussions. Our programs enhance what the Rwandan and Ugandan education ministries are promoting. We are ensuring students will not be underemployed and that they have the earning power they are capable of.