Inspiring Development through Entrepreneurship and Action.

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Our Mission

To inspire and equip youth entrepreneurs to develop social and economic value for their communities and for the world.

IDEA4Africa is a non-profit organization based in Rwanda and Uganda that has created a powerful model for change. We have synthesized, over many years, best practices on how to teach entrepreneurship to both teachers on the front lines and the growing youth sector who are looking to develop 21st century skills.

Economic and social progress will only occur if people learn to think entrepreneurially and take action on their ideas. 




IDEA4Africa is the proud recipient of a grant from the Skees Family Foundation.

The Skees Family Foundation works to end poverty by partnering with social entrepreneurs building self-help models in education and job creation leveraging storytelling for social change.




Recent Success Stories

Meet Harriet

Harriet was one of our first students in Uganda. She has created a sewing business outside her home to be able to watch over her five children.  She learned that the consistency of quality is paramount in her workshops with us and she says it is starting to pay off in repeat customers. Harriet had the sewing skills she needed to start a business. She needed the business skills to make it sustainable.

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Meet Asher

Asher is a single parent of five children and the sole breadwinner in the home. Her biggest takeaway from our workshop was the importance of record keeping. She is thrilled to be seeing the benefits of her learning as she keeps track of her various entrepreneurial endeavors. Sewing and and repairing clothes is just one!

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Meet Julius
Julius was the Rocket Pitch winner at the first Summer Seminar in Uganda. Julius is building a school for albinos in the camps as they are treated like pariahs and cannot go to school with others. This structure is the result of his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

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