Parfait attended the intensive Entrepreneurship and Leadership seminar while a student at the Catholic University of Rwanda.

In his own words: As I was doing Public Health, I was surprised at first to be chosen to attend an Entrepreneurship seminar. I would say I was indifferent to Entrepreneurship because it was practically an unknown field to me. Fortunately, I learned a lot about the concept and all its aspects, notably passion and dream. I got to know that to be a successful entrepreneur and leader, you need to be intimately passionate and have a dream you want to achieve in life. Without passion or dreams, you cannot be successful because those two are the driving force behind any kind of entrepreneurial success.

The seminar instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in me. Thanks to the brainstorming and business planning workshops we did, I was able to come up with a business idea that connects my passion with my dream – serve better my community through healthcare.

I jotted down a plan for a nonprofit organization that would sensitize and teach people of Save, a rural area in which my Alma mater is located. If I am to collect all the required funds – which I am in the process of doing – I would set up the organization and start sensitizing people about hygiene and nutrition for the better health of the Save community. This resonates with what I learned at the seminar, “It is possible to start a business with a little amount of money because it is all about the growth not the start. You also have to be optimistic and passionate about what you are doing.”