Ben gained an awareness of the breadth of an entrepreneurial mindset during his University years when he was chosen to participate in an Entrepreneurship and Leadership seminar. He considered his Public Health focus to be worlds apart from being an entrepreneur.

As Ben explained to us: I majored in Public Health during my time at the Catholic University of Rwanda. It was natural for a person of my background to be reluctant to attend an Entrepreneurship seminar. I was proven wrong.

I had the unique opportunity to grow as a person in the 10 days we spent at the seminar. I was exposed to an environment where English was extensively used, which helped me improve my English skills. And apart from the entrepreneurial spirit I acquired from the seminar, the spirit of teamwork was a new addition. The workshops and exercises we did boosted my confidence.

I won third place at the business Rocket Pitch competition. I never expected someone like me who hated Entrepreneurship to win anything. Now more than ever, I am confident that I can plan and professionally present a business idea set to resolve community problems and even turn it into a viable, working business.

I learned that to make a great impact in your community, you do not have to focus on your field of study alone. Before the seminar, I did not envisage any possibility where Public Health and Entrepreneurship could, hand in hand, impact communities – it was like a revelation to me. If I had to sum up my experience, I would say, “Everyone can be an entrepreneur. You just have to identify your passion and link it with your core values”