Nat’l Essay Competition Winner

Each year IDEA4Africa runs a nation-wide Entrepreneurship Essay Competition open to all secondary school students in Rwanda. This year’s essay was to answer the question:

How do you believe youth entrepreneurs can best have a positive impact on their communities and on the country of Rwanda?

Students were asked to discuss what they believe is needed to inspire Rwandan youth to be entrepreneurial.

Sixteen-year old Rutayisire Alice Lambert from the Maranyundo Girls School wrote an essay entitled Gifted Hands. Rutayisre ended her essay with “… youth entrepreneurship is a weapon our country can use against underdevelopment.” And “…youth entrepreneurship can grow into a huge baobab tree with many fruits that taste like prosperity.”

This smart, forward thinking student won the national essay competition receiving prize money for herself and her school. Clearly the entrepreneurship club and time spent working alongside other students working through problems and learning from one another has taught her valuable skills she will enter the workforce with.

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