IDEA4Africa in the News

Our Country Director, Pamela Munyana, ensured that Global Entrepreneurship Week, the largest celebration of entrepreneurship worldwide, with over 160 countries and 10 million people participating, received strong media coverage.

Pamela appeared on National Television on CNBC Africa promoting the work of the organization and all the people and organizations that participated.

Pamela was also interviewed on different radio shows including Kiss FM and Magic FM where she discussed ways that young entrepreneurs could get past hurdles in business. Several news articles were written on the event that IDEA4Africa hosted and can be found under the Resources tab on the website. Articles appeared in the New Times, Umuseke, Kigali Today as well as others.

The closing ceremony was covered by eleven news articles including Inyarwanda, Igihe, Umuseke and was featured on The Rwandan National Television news and on Radio Rwanda featuring Pamela and a group of other panelists.

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