The Isano Cooperative

The Isano Cooperative was founded in 2014 by a Rwandan teenager, Celine Mudahakana. Celine learned to weave, and like so many Rwandans was herself recovering from the effects of living through the genocide.

As the whole country was trying to rebuild through projects to promote peace, economic stability and women’s rights, Celine had volunteered at CHABHA (Children Affected by HIV/AIDS) and met a group of women.

Together these twelve CHABHA women decided to collaborate, following Celine’s vision, and formed the Weaving for Peace project.

Now proficient weavers, they are a thriving enterprise. Celine became a finalist for the 2014 Impact Weavers Award, and her project proposal was accepted by the Clinton Global Initiative.

IDEA4Africa had the opportunity to work with these young women helping them with the financial aspects of the cooperative’s business.

Celine: “I see my role as a project initiator who helps other youths to initiate projects. I always tell the youth in the weaving project that they can do anything, if they listen, act and are brave to go out and do something.”

Celine’s words of wisdom: “I would encourage Rwandan youth to see the positive in every situation and not be afraid of failure but instead look at failure as one way of not doing something. Try doing what you are passionate about until you achieve your dream.”

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