Country Director, Rwanda

Pamela Munyana is a Rwandan social entrepreneur with several years of international experience working with social impact institutions and especially ones that target children, youth and vulnerable groups of society.  Prior to joining IDEA4Africa as the Rwanda country director, Pamela worked as a teaching assistant at the United International College (UIC) in Zhuhai, China. During her time at UIC, she taught different subjects including world cultures, entrepreneurship across cultures and English.
Email: [email protected]

Pamela earned her bachelor’s degree from Concordia College, Minnesota where she double majored in Global Development Studies and Communication and minored in Business Administration. During her time in the US, Pamela spent five years working with different grassroots organizations and SMEs such as the Isaro Foundation and the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center where she helped the latter to create a new brand identity and develop a strategic marketing approach to get more funding.

Pamela has also worked as the international ambassador in the office of Admissions where she helped international students apply for different scholarship opportunities.  Prior to her time in the US, Pamela also worked as an accounting assistant in the TM Audit company helping to manage the organization’s expenditures. An experienced entrepreneur herself, Pamela had hands on experience with startups as a very young girl in her family’s business, Le Nirvana, where she helped in sales management and in building a marketing structure.