Uganda Refugee Camp Coordinator

Growing up in the Congo, Aristarque fled violence in 2014 and joined the rest of his family in Uganda where they currently reside in the Nakivale Refugee Camp. A true entrepreneur, Aristarque is a financial knowledge activist, human rights defender, and an English teacher. Aristarque studied Law, Economics and Finance at the University of Goma (UNIGOM) in Congo.

Since relocating to Uganda, he has worked and volunteered as an English and Business Education teacher with different organizations like Finnish Refugee Council, Hope for Refugee in Action, Jesuit Refugee Service, Heshima Yetu Foundation, CEPCOM Uganda, PADEAP Uganda, and Refugee Aware.

Aristarque currently works in south western Uganda where he provides refugees, as well as locals, with personal finance and business knowledge through different organizations. He also teaches English in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

Aristarque speaks French, English, Spanish,Portuguese, Kiswahili, and a host of other African languages. He joins us to expand our work in refugee camps